Writing Test Strategies: Foundation

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A two day course. The role of the manager is seldom easy, most projects have many similarities but essentially all projects are different and although a standard approach may work, a specific and tailored approach is far better. How does the test manager choose the specific approach and how can that approach be chosen with confidence? This two day course explores the similarities and the differences found in diverse software based projects and provides the test manager with practical guidance in the choice of a suitable strategy. This course puts the manager into the project situation where a strategic approach is needed. The burning question is “What strategy should I choose?”

On completion of this course attendees will have encountered several different project challenges and will have had to propose a suitable approach for each.

On completion of this course, attendees will have gained the skills to devise effective and appropriate test strategies, and confidence to present their test strategies to their peers and to senior management.


Any tester who is involved in creating the test strategy, including test managers, test team leaders and testers aspiring to those roles. This course is particularly suitable for people in the system test and user acceptance test areas. 


Attendees of this course should have at least one years experience as a senior tester. Attendees may benefit from attending SQS’s Writing Test Plans course prior to attending the course. 


This two day course will cover:


  • Why have a test strategy
  • Who will a test strategy help
  • What is strategic planning
  • The objective of a test strategy
  • How to create a test strategy
  • Who should be involved
  • Management support
  • Qualities of a test strategy
  • Common test strategies
  • Politics
  • The first case study


  • Typical problems
  • Typical questions
  • The crucial questions to ask
  • Who should we ask
  • Negotiation
  • The second case study


  • The essential components
  • Fundamental strategies
  • Risk reduction
  • Additional issues that must be considered
  • Have we covered it all?
  • The third case study

The way ahead

  • Management objectives
  • Business objectives
  • Teamwork
  • Deadlines
  • Budgets
  • Resources
  • Risk
  • Quality management
  • Metrics
  • Presentations


Writing Test Strategies: Foundation

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