Programação Perl



This course provides an introduction to the code syntax of Perl, an interpreted programming language. Perl combines the flexibility of general-purpose programming languages such as C or C++ with many of the features of popular UNIX tools such as grep, tr, sed and awk. The result is a language especially suited to performing complex searching and manipulation of text or of data stored in text format. The flexibility and extensibility of Perl via add-on modules allow it to be readily used to access and manipulate many kinds of non-textual data just as easily.


The course is for those who want to learn to write scripts and applications using Perl. Perl has a very rich set of operators, regular expressions and built-in functions, in addition to a terse syntax.

This course is especially designed for people who need to start from very little knowledge and learn the language. It’s designed to help you over the syntax hurdle by exposing you to that syntax. The course also provides an introduction to Perl’s key built-in and library functions and how to use object-oriented features.


We assume that participants have some previous programming experience, with either a procedural or object-oriented language such as Visual Basic, Delphi, C, C++, Java, or a UNIX shell. No previous familiarity with Perl is required.


  1. Introduction to Perl
  2. Perl Syntax Fundamentals
  3. Pattern Matching and Operators
  4. Looping, Decisions and Flow Control
  5. Subroutines
  6. Built-in and Add-on Functions
  7. Perl and Object Orientation


Programação Perl

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