Managing and Maintaining Windows 8

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In this course, students learn how to design the installation, configuration, and maintenance of Windows 8. Two unique features of this course are integration of cloud services and Windows Intune. The skills in this course are suitable for small or enterprise environments.


This course is intended for experienced information technology (IT) professionals that remotely manage and maintain Windows desktops and devices, and desktop support technicians and IT consultants who support small and medium-sized organizations.


  • Plan, select, and implement appropriate methods for managing Windows 8.
  • Manage user authentication and intranet connectivity for Windows 8.
  • Configure cloud services and deploy Windows Intune.
  • Implement encryption and endpoint security.
  • Plan a recovery solution for Windows 8.
  • Design a recovery solution for Windows 8.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Two years of experience in the IT field managing and maintaining Windows client operating systems
  • Two years of experience performing:
    • Windows application installation and support
    • Network configuration in Windows
    • Windows operating system installation and updates
  • An understanding of how Windows client computers integrate with server computers


  1. Planning and Implementing Management of Windows 8
  2. Designing and Implementing an Installation Strategy
  3. Planning and Implementing Authentication for Windows 8
  4. Planning and Implementing IP Addressing and Intranet Connectivity
  5. Implementing an Application Strategy for Windows 8
  6. Planning and Implementing a Solution for User Settings
  7. Configuring Cloud Services
  8. Implementing Windows Intune
  9. Managing Computers by Using Windows Intune
  10. Planning and Implementing Access to File and Print Resources
  11. Planning and Implementing Encryption for Windows 8
  12. Designing and Implementing Endpoint Security for Windows 8
  13. Designing and Implementing Extranet Connectivity
  14. Planning and Implementing a Recovery Solution


Managing and Maintaining Windows 8

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