Linguagem Swift



This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Swift programming concepts. You learn the syntax and semantics of Swift and how to apply them in Mac and iOS application development. Upon completing this course, you will be able to develop basic applications in Swift and integrate Swift code with existing Objective-C applications.


This course is intended for existing programmers looking to integrate Objective-C with Swift, or those new to Mac and iOS development who want to learn Swift.


Previous programming experience and knowledge of an object-oriented programming language is assumed. Examples of suitable languages include C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Visual Basic, .NET or Python. Experience with the Mac environment is beneficial.


Introduction to Swift Programming

  • Getting started with application development
  • Swift programming fundamentals

Working with Data Types

  • Appraising built-in types
  • Creating user-defined types

Developing Classes, Structures and Enumerations

  • Declaring and initializing classes
  • Organizing compound values with structures
  • Designating groups of values with enumerations

Constructing Functions

  • Designing reusable functions for code modularity
  • Capturing errors
  • Exploiting generics in applications

Structuring Object-Oriented Class Hierarchies

  • Reusing classes through aggregation
  • Exposing interfaces with protocols
  • Extending classes with inheritance
  • Customizing existing classes with extensions

Integrating Swift with Objective-C

  • Interacting with Objective-C frameworks
  • Incorporating Objective-C and Swift in the same project

Building GUIs with Swift


Linguagem Swift

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